An Open Letter To My Husband On Valentine’s Day.

An Open Letter to My Husband on Valentine’s Day,

Dear Love,

It’s tough to love a person whom you don’t know. We were strangers when we exchanged our vows. It takes a long time to break past the walls and truly perceive the truth about an individual. I feel like I am just lately really getting to know you. I am delighted that I am in Love with you for who you are, and who you will one day be.

I am happy we have discovered this mystery. I am much obliged to you for deciding that no matter what comes in life, we will never give up on each other. I value your dedication and commitment. It takes a genuine man to stand and battle for something that he can’t completely observe. To battle for what maybe, instead of what is.

On the off chance, if I attempt to list all the things I love about you, I may never complete this letter. My fingers would seep from composing for such a long time, and I would miss Valentine’s Day altogether, because I may require until Christmas to wrap up.

As opposed to posting the beautiful things about you that make me love you, I’m going to takes this as an opportunity to bring to your notice little things that can make our bond better and stronger.

Express And Discuss

I have never understood why on earth is it so hard for you men to share your feelings? I know about the great saying “Love needs no expression”. But I am not an omniscient soul who would every time guess and understand what’s wrong with you. I would be more than happy if I would be the first to know what’s worrying you. I know I cannot be Genie to solve all your problems, but at least I can be the one who would stand with you and put in every possible effort to get you out of it.

An Open Letter to husband on valentines day.

Appreciate-Say It Again And Again

I like to be told I look beautiful, and I love it when you notice without being told. When I am wearing a sexy new dress, looking particularly attractive, have a new haircut, looking more fit — let me hear about it. Because I crave for one little compliment from the man who rules my life though I have many others who can text up very cheesy lines to direct proposals and I have turned all deaf for them.

“We Time” Is Important 

In all hustle and bustle, all I have noticed that the ‘we time’ is lost somewhere. I have never demanded you to put me before all other priorities. All I want is you to at least spare out some time for me every day. It is very important to take out time for each other, to nurture our relationship .We Time can be like having a coffee together in the morning or turning off the phone at night and just listening to each other, discussing what we have gone through the whole day from office gossips to corporate politics to anything nonsense.

An Open Letter to husband on valentines day.

I know no one on earth is perfect neither I expect you to be. I am not complaining.  It is just an attempt to let you know what I think can make our love grow stronger .And I would be very happy if you too can tell me what I need to work on or what ways I can reach your expectations.   

To finish this all off, I needed to state, I love being your mate. Thank You for being valiant with me and pursuing genuine affection. It’s not always rosy, however being with you has made me a better person all around. Much obliged to you for cherishing me at my generally unlovable and for being my man. I love the journey of us. And I can’t wait to walk all of the rest of my steps with you.

Happy Valentine’s day

From your loving wife


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