Do you love what you do? Here are 12 clear signs .

When we are asked what our identity is or what we do, a large portion of us for the most part react with our employment titles. We state “I’m an engineer,” “I’m a content writer,” “I’m an educator, etc. It is because our work shapes our identity. We become and behave what and how our profession demands.

Unfortunately, many people start their day feeling unhappy, dissatisfied with life, questioning themselves – if this is all they are meant to do? It is because people view work simply as a way to make a living. We fail to recognize the importance of loving what we do. Because we spend a major portion of our time working, we should understand how important it is to love what we do.

If you’re passionate about what you are doing and you focus and put all your energy into it, you won’t ever feel tired working. Successful people share this mantra that when you enjoy doing what you do, you are physically fit, happy and more productive.

There are people who know their inner potential and believe their life has a greater purpose. On the other hand, some are working just for the paycheck . If you want to make a difference in the world, check out these signs and see if you are happy doing your current job , or search for something that will be more fulfilling for your life. 

12 Clear Signs to know- Do you love what you do.

1.You Experience True Happiness:

Fulfillment brings joy. When you do what you love, you are happy and satisfied. This doesn’t imply that there won’t be any troubles or difficulties on your way, but at the end of the day even if you end up striving you will not give up because it is something you are energetic about. 

 If you are doing what you love, it  won’t feel like ‘work’. You will be more engaged and fit for living right now, because your brain won’t be straying or longing for something ‘better’. You would be satisfied with what you have and hold no regrets.

2.You Will Learn New Things:

Learning is a deep rooted measure. We are completely brought into the world inquisitive. Our brain desires for new data and comprehension. It is very important to raise queries, investigate and search out better approaches for getting things done.

Doing what you love will open up all the roads and doors to encounter new conditions and find out  your true self . What are my actual interests? What is my motivation? What are my qualities and gifts? What drives me to need to improve?  When you start to address these inquiries, you would then be able to all the more likely check what profession is best fit for you, and what will make you ‘really’ happy. It might take a couple of  career changes to discover your ‘specialty’, however trust me it’s well justified, despite all the trouble. 

When you find out what you are truly passionate about, you take a deep interest in learning new things and then nothing can stop you from being successful.

3. Work no more feels like work.

You wake up every morning in a good mood, instead of groaning and wishing you didn’t have to go in. If you can wake up and look forward to going to work, then you’ve found your passion. And that’s the dream, right?

You get up each day feeling great, rather than moaning and wishing you didn’t need to go to work. If you are happy going to work, it means that you’ve discovered your passion. When you are passionate about something it doesn’t feel like work anymore because you enjoy doing it and you are more interested in learning something new everyday.

4.  You Will Inspire Others to Change.

People have a normal routine- Go to work, return home, eat, rest, go to work, get back home, eat, rest and afterward do everything over once more, since it is the thing that every other person is doing around them.They have maybe come to accept that this is the standard and that one should simply keep on approaching their life in a specific way. 

People often talk about their passion, or about rolling out an improvement, however a little rate really makes the following stride in anticipating that change, and much less focus on making it happen. Because of different reasons ex. dread, judgment, difficult work, and so on. But if, one person sees another bringing up a change, following passion, and succeeding, at that point another might be more inclined to do as such, etc, etc. We people need to feel motivated, and we can do that for one another.

5. Your confidence will improve.

When you are doing the work you love, you will be good at it.  You feel confident at every step as you are doing what comes natural to you. Every milestone, and every goal you achieve will make you more happy and confident.

6. You think about winning instead of surviving.

There are days where we think “If we can just make it through this day and go home…” It happens when we are not happy doing what we love. But when we love what we do we think “I need to win today.” It’s so good to feel that you can win the day — that you can overcome every one of your hindrances and end up as the winner.

7. You’re excited about what you’re doing.

When you love what you’re doing, you’re very excited about it! You know you’re following your heart and making a difference, and you get excited to go in to work and spend your time doing your work.

 You feel happy telling others all about what you do, and you like getting them just as passionate about it. You are confident and have a clear vision towards your goal of success. You are energetic and excited to pass all the obstacles and hurdles to reach your success.

8. You find solutions instead of griping about problems.

Experiencing an issue is a hindrance for anybody – it may slow you down immediately, yet then you choose: do I grumble until it deteriorates, or another person removes it, or do I address it myself at this moment? At the point when you’re a proactive specialist, issues aren’t anything to you. You’re energized by the test of having an issue to settle, and you bounce on it to ensure it doesn’t lose the progression of work anything else than it as of now has.

9. You hope to get more work instead of dread it.

People who really love what they do consistently expect more work. At the point when your manager is allocating new undertakings or assignments, you don’t sink down in your seat and expect that he/she neglects you. You would prefer to get new opportunities to demonstrate your worth rather than feeling your work as a burden dumped on you as a punishment.

10. You develop and grow.

When you are tackling a job you love, you search out promising circumstances for development. You understand the need to improve and be better. The more development and information you acquire, the more achievement will come your way.

11. Your motivation will soar.

If you are happy in your work, you will act naturally propelled, which implies you will be substantially more gainful than somebody who doesn’t care for what they are doing.

12. You view success in terms of fulfillment and gratification.

When you’re happy and content with your work, you don’t consider accomplishment to be the amount you’re making or the number of advancements you’ve piled up. You consider accomplishment to be the means by which you are satisfied with your work, how it affects you to accomplish something you love, something that will have an effect. You love your work regardless of whether it doesn’t pay a lot, since you need to accomplish something that satisfies you rather than something that makes you rich.


You’ve heard  that life is too short. You don’t have a clue what tomorrow brings or where you’ll wind up. So why burn through your time in a career that doesn’t fulfill you? 

Loving what you do should be a priority over earning a higher salary or top level designations. The only secret to a happy and satisfied life with no regrets is loving what you do.

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