In this era, almost everyone wants a quick solution to a problem, or to rule out things quickly. Or also I can say that, having you here on this blog is itself one of the example as you are seeking for a quick remedy over your poor decision-making skills.

So, when we want everything as quick as flash, then why we fail in taking correct decisions quickly ?

For deeper insight let’s take an example, Imagine that you have been asked to take a very crucial decision, right now and that decision is going to completely change your life, if it is taken in a right direction, it will change your life in a positive way, but if it is taken in a wrong direction, it might ruin your life. Just imagine yourself in this scenario and get delved in it.

Come on time is ticking, it is almost over! So what did you think? Time’s up !!! What did you think? Have you made a decision?


Why? What happened? Got panic attack?

Do you feel very panicked in such situations when you have to make a decision immediately, then i am sorry to tell you, but you are an INDECISIVE person !

Don’t worry it’s not a negative word, but good news is we can work over your indecision

“Panic causes tunnel vision. Calm acceptance of danger allows us to more easily assess the situation and see the options.” – Simon Sinek

Well taking right decisions is not everyone’s cup of tea. Because if it would be, then so many people  would not be taking bad decisions.

“The only proven way to raise your odds of making a good decision is to learn to use a good decision-making process – one that can get you the best solution with a minimal loss of time, energy, money, and composure.” – John Hammond

A good decision-making process can literally change the World. The concept of decision-making process can be found in the early history of thinking. Decisions should be the result of rational and deliberate reasoning.

This article will surely help you to be an effective decision maker.

6 Tips to Effective Decision Making

1. Stop over-analysing

Don’t analyze or don’t overthink about the decision. Because you overthink, the anxiety walks in, which makes you think of all the possibilities which will convert your decision into a wrong one.

Don’t think about the results, if you do so then it will lead you towards negativity.

And also don’t analyse after finalizing the decision. Once the decision is taken, it is taken.

2. Turn yourself OFF

You should completely turn yourself OFF, don’t sleep on the decision, sleeping on a decision means not taking the decision immediately, but taking too much longer time to come at the decision.

But rather I would suggest to take the decision sooner, because whatever needs to be decided, needs to be decided sooner. So better do it sooner than later. And this is called as Sit on a decision.

You need to take decisions in a quick manner not in haste. If you sleep on your decisions then there might be changes in the situations or you may lose the opportunity, also you will feel demotivated. And as a result, you will regret once you lose the golden opportunity.

So sit on the decision don’t sleep over it. Take out sometime of the day, at least 3-4 hrs. Take time off from everything and sit on a decision, that is to spend time analyzing the decision but in a positive way.

You can also discuss this thing with someone who is closer to you. Review all the information about the decision like pros and cons. This will help you gain more clarity.

3. Two-sided analysis

Have you ever noticed the Magistrate in the court? He never passes the judgement based on single side. He always analyses both the sides and then takes the correct judgement or decision.

In similar way, we should always consider the pros as well as the cons of the decision, and then we should make the move in contemplating right decision

4. 10-10-10 strategy

The most ideal and the effective strategy is 10-10-10. Just check if you are still going to be happy about this decision 10 days later? 10 months later? And 10 years later? Yes! You have to consider all the time frames. The present effect of the decision, the middle term impact of the decision and the long term impact of the decision.

This strategy, will help you in getting a quick decision. This is the best way to make a quick decision.

5. 20-20-20 strategy

Yes! You heard it correct. After 10-10-10 strategy, here comes the 20-20-20 strategy.

This is the most organized strategy in order to make decisions. If you have minimum time of 1 hour in deciding something, then this strategy will surely help you out.

At the first 20 minutes, think about the pros or the positive side of your decision, then at the second 20 minutes think about the cons of the decision. Then at the last 20 minutes, think about both of them and whichever side you feel is right, take that decision.

6. List the pros and cons

This is also one of the best tip to stand on the decision rather stumbling upon. Let me explain you in very short what are exactly pros and cons?

In the simplest way, they can be explained as-

  • Pros : Positive aspects or the benefits of the decision.
  • Cons : Negative aspects or the cost you need to pay for the decision.

So what you have to do is, simply jot down the pros on the one side and the cons on the other side. Then quickly review them, and then whichever side seems longer and heavier, that’s your correct way to go with. In this method, you will have more clarity and you can quickly transfer all the information from your head into simple statistics. So it gives you a bigger picture and wider perspective, and thus you can take the decision quickly.

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