How to be confident? 8 ways to be more confident.

Learning how to be confident is important for everyone to understand the cause of their failure. 

Confidence is the expression that shows the inner belief and trust of a person by their actions, their words, their response, and their reaction.

It is the feeling that one should feel from inside, because what’s inside always counts. It creates your own unique character and it’s impressive.

To be confident one needs to be stable in both state in mental condition and also in physical condition. A confident person is very specific in their actions, in their desires. They are pretty sure about their stuff. 

It is usually found that people who wear confidence in their eyes have a vision of success and they make it happen.

How to be confident?

A person can become confident by evaluating their own potentials that can be done by asking questions to self < link 111 questions to ASK yourself>.

After knowing yourself, you are aware of your own strengths and weaknesses . If you concentrate more on your strengths and visualize yourself as being the Only One AND being the Number One in the field you will find a positive change in yourself.

Developing confidence in yourself removes the negative feeling of being inadequate which is a biggest fear in most of the people nowadays, just because they overthink. <how to stop overthinking > .

Though confidence may not bring the expected results immediately, it gives the person the power to accept the challenges and fight for it. 

When a person realizes his own worth by being confident he stops comparing himself to another which is actually a reason for stress < stress management >

Confidence creates a higher level of self esteem in a person. Developing confidence can change a person’s life to a great extent. 

You need to Memorize and repeat self affirmations in your head and keep practicing the things.

One can become confident by practicing and feeling some positive affirmations like

1)Nobody can be like me and that’s my Power.

2)No one can steal my knowledge and experience and this is what I am  proud of

3) I always feel that everyone in the room loves me and yes I love them too

4) I believe that my actions and words are impressive and inspiring.

5) I should not care  about others’ opinions about me.

6) I will always listen to what my mind commands.

7) I will always speak  the Truth and the Fact.

8) I will always  keep a positive feeling for everything.

9) I will Accept compliments as my reward and negative feedback as a ground of improvement.

10) I will always be kind to all.

Why is it important to be confident?

1)      Being Confident reflects a person is mentally strong and has a deep connection <connection link>  with self .

2)     Being confident shows that you are a mentally strong person and anything can’t affect you. Being confident gives a person a positive feeling of doing something new , or inventing a new thing.

3)     Being confident about something gives the trust to another person regarding their action in their path to success. 

We should never be afraid of being confident, because confidence is the asset which never gets depreciated; it always grows more with practicing it.

It usually happens that students know all the answers, but never answer as they are afraid of being wrong and bullied, because they lack confidence. 

Confidence is the only feeling that removes the fear of being wrong. It brings the feeling of being optimistic that leads to achievement. To be successful one needs to be focused, positive and should always keep a hope of achievement.

4 most important things to keep in mind while being confident :

1)You should not become arrogant.

2) You should not start speaking false things just because people are listening to you.

3) Confidence is good, but overconfidence always sinks the ship.

4)Never let the Ego affect your confidence.

Confidence is a skill which a person should learn and practice more, so it is more essential to practice confidence.

Ways to build confidence

Get things done:

      All of us have some goals in our life , write them on a paper and divide them into short term  goals, medium goals, and long term big goals.

      Focus on your short term goals first, they would help you move a step ahead in achieving your medium and long term goals.

      Being consistent in your work is very important, because consistent actions give consistent results. 

Monitor your progress:

-Never forget to monitor your performance, compare your current task with previous tasks in all aspects  and try to do a little extra then previous one.  Monitoring everytime a  little extra will inspire you to do more.

Do what you feel right:

 Always listen to what your mind says , if you feel that something is wrong stop yourself from doing it.

Exercise and meditate:

 Give more time to yourself, do exercise and meditate. It will keep you calm and will definitely boost up your energy and bring positivity in you.

Be fearless:

 Overcome your fear, always remember your fears sometimes become your weakness

Take a stand for yourself –

 No matter even if the whole world is against you, don’t change yourself for anyone. Always take a stand for yourself 

Think for a long term:

 always think for a  long term .Try to do the things that will be permanently with you. don’t go for temporary comfort plans.

Don’t care what others think:

Always remember that people who think about others don’t have their own goals in life . so stop thinking about what such people think about you.

Do what makes you more happy:

Never waste a minute  of your life by being unhappy, spend each and every moment by being happy and by doing things that make you happy. 


A confidence is the strong feeling inside us and most of us don’t know how we should express it, when we should express it and why we should express it. It is just like that we have the best machine to construct ourselves within us and still we are finding some tools outside us to build a part of us.

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