Is everything going to be okay?

is everything going to be okay

Is everything going to be okay?

There are times in our life where we feel it’s really tough to imagine that everything is going to be okay and that things would get better with time. We are drained, exhausted and see no hope in rising up from our problems and dealing with situations.

Recently, the world is by all accounts swaying, starting with one emergency then onto the next. We’ve encountered a worldwide pandemic, sensational changes to how we direct our day by day lives, financial vulnerability, and political and social unrest, just as a variety of catastrophic events.

Then there are emotional traumas that individuals are likewise managing, for example, the passing of a friend or family member, declining wellbeing, joblessness, or disastrous mishaps. For some of us, this is a period of phenomenal battle and change. 

Regardless of whether the source of disturbance in your life is a worldwide crisis or an individual misfortune—or both—living through troublesome occasions can negatively affect your state of mind, wellbeing, and viewpoint. 

And at this point of time, your mind enters into a complete era of negative thoughts and feelings that make you question if everything will fall in place? When will this get back to normal? Is everything going to be okay?

It can leave you feeling defenseless and overpowered by pressure and uneasiness. You might be in too much pain and sorrow for all that you’ve lost, overflowed by a huge number of troublesome, clashing feelings, or dubious about how to proceed onward with your life. You may even feel that your life is absolutely crazy and you’re having no control over whatever is coming your way.

Also, in these times,  we simply need somebody to disclose to us whether it will be alright or to carry some viewpoint to what it is we’re confronting. We search for answers to our queries from the universe but we fail to recognize that all the answers we seek lies within.

When we mean, “Is all that going to be how it was and the manner in which I anticipated that it should be?” At that point the appropriate response is no. The response to that question in every case is no, it generally has been.

But when you try and learn to accept that everything will be the way it will be, you’re left with a really helpful and beneficial question: “What are you going to do about it?”

For what reason do a few people appear to be better ready to adapt in these upsetting occasions than others? While everybody’s circumstance is unique, the facts demonstrate that individuals with acceptance will in general have a higher capacity to bear the misery produced by difficult situations. The stronger you are, the better you’re ready to endure the sensations of stress, tension, and bitterness that go with injury and difficulty—and figure out how to bounce back from misfortunes. 

We  encounter dissatisfaction, misfortune, restlessness, and are pushed at different occasions in our lives. Be that as it may, building flexibility can assist you with keeping an uplifting viewpoint, face a questionable future with less dread, and overcome even the most obscure days.

We all have a different approach to deal with stressful events in life, many of us  refuse to accept the truth of what’s actually happening. But this doesn’t help as  denying the facts doesn’t solve your problem. Denial will prevent you from seeking answers or taking action, stopping you from adapting new changes and slows down the healing process.

Accept the situation:

Is everything going to be okay

Change is an inescapable piece of life and many things of this world are outside your control. You are not able to control the spread of a virus, or how the economy will recover. Worrying about events or circumstances outside your control will only drain out your energy and leave you  anxious and hopeless.

 Accepting your situation can help you realize that you can devote your energy to the things that you do have control over. You can focus more clearly on what can help you instead of wasting time cursing and blaming your life.

Focus on things within your control: 

Start making a list of all the things that are not under your control and give yourself solutions to stop worrying about them. Instead, start taking actions that would result in helping you come out of your problems. 

For example, If you have lost your job, you can’t control whether you could get  the ideal job immediately. But all you can control is how much time and effort you can dedicate into searching for work or brushing up on your skills. 

Similarly, if a friend or family member is confronting a life-threatening illness,  you may need to surrender control to the medical experts, but you can still help by being their pillar of strength and providing your loved one with as much emotional support as possible.

While it’s absolutely impossible to eliminate distress, difficulty, or pain throughout everyday life, there are approaches to help smooth the difficult situations and recover a feeling of control. Acceptance is the only way to adapt to the misfortune, change, and injury that have been inescapable pieces of life even before these remarkable occasions. Building acceptance can help you better adjust to groundbreaking occasions, adapt to tempestuous occasions, and bounce back from difficulty and misfortune.

There are no easy answers or magic tricks that can help us in finding out when the things would fall in place and get back to normal. Always remember it may seem difficult right now, but this disturbance and situation will not last forever. You need to keep patience and wait for the right time to come.

One day in future, we will glance back at what we’ve all survived and be appreciative that it wasn’t more terrible. That we tuned in to calm minds and accepted our situations and took actions to make it better.


One out of four individuals will battle with emotional wellness eventually in their lives. Also, with the Covid-19 pandemic and grieved economy, many are in emergency at this moment. Like never before, people are always worried about thinking if everything is going to be okay and need a dependable spot to go to for direction and expectation. But we need to be calm and patient till everything gets better . 

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