What does connection mean? Connection vs Relationship.

“Connecting” means different things to different people. Many times when we say, “man, we just really connected, what does this connection mean? What do we actually mean?

Connection means a sense of being open and available to another person, even as you feel they are open and available to you.  It is the energy that exists between people when they feel heard and valued. 

When you feel like being with that person is right and you have this energy that compliments the other person’s energy. When you can give and receive without judgement, you love spending more and more time with them as you can relate to them and feel safe with them. 

As we are humans, we crave connection, understanding, and a sense of belonging. It’s just a matter of finding our “person” or “people.”

If you can naturally talk with someone without it being uncomfortable or awkward then you likely have “connected” with that person on some kind of level.

Genuine connection is not merely talking to others or sharing interests. As we can talk for over an hour with someone not very well known to us. A true connection can even happen without words and with someone we don’t even know. 

Different elements of human connection are sympathy and empathy – we feel generosity to the individual we are connecting with.

Examples Of What Does Connection Mean Are As Follows:

  • When you have a personal conversation with someone about what is important to you and the other person takes interest in all small and big things that really matter to you. 
  • When you take out the time to listen to someone else and feel empathy for them.
  • Offering true appreciation to another and accepting appreciation from others.
  • Helping out someone else without any selfish purpose.
  • Feeling comfortable in the most awkward situations.
  • Developing a sense of trust with the other person.

What Is Relationship?

A relationship is basically  a feeling of alignment and intimacy between two people that  goes beyond physical fascination. It is about believing that someone else will also keep on complying with the standards you’ve joined to your association with them. 

At the point when you effectively make a dream in your mind that they will in any case understand the meaning of love, keep loving you today, tomorrow, and always, and despite everything that comes your way they will always be your side, and be your support system, you finally realize that it feels like you’re connecting on a deeper soul level—and feel secure connecting with them deeply.

This Is What Being In A Relationship Means :

  • You truly care about each other’s dreams and desires.
  • You don’t just tell but listen as well.
  • You know each other deeply.
  • You feel seen and understood. 
  • You know yourself well.
  •  You Have faith, freedom and friendship
  • You become each other’s Strength


What Does Connection Mean In A Relationship?

What does connection mean

Connection is the heart of any good relationship. Strong Connection is an essential pillar of a relationship. For relationships to truly work, Connections need to exist and create on different levels. 

The degree to which the connection extends and develops with time is probably going to have a major impact on the level of satisfaction the people experience inside the relationship.

Relationships can only flourish if there’s an equal contribution by both parties. If both are deeply committed and connected, it will strengthen the bond. But if it is that you are the only one putting in all of the effort, it will feel like a one-way relationship. With you both putting in equivalent time and effort, it will actually work out. 

Relationships can’t flourish without an emotional connection between the parties. Consider it as the anchor in the relationship that permits a partnership to endure any hardship and sail flawlessly on quiet waters. “We are designed for connections, it causes us to feel protected and secure, similar to how we are seen, heard, and taken in.” 

It has been observed that many relationships have purely physical or “chemistry” level connection. Then there are connections that exist on primarily an emotional level, or even a “practical” or lifestyle-based level, or an intellectual level.

This level of connection determines the strength of the relationships. These different types of connections can make all the difference in the quality of a relationship, and even determine whether the relationship will flourish and be a reason of fulfillment for both parties or will it fail.

The quality of connection (i.e. level of depth) on any dimension matters, a lot. Connections at a purely superficial level are generally short-lived, although they can be intense.

It has been found that many couples feel that the strongest connection they felt at the initial phase of their relationship was on the physical level. Though physical intimacy and passion can be important aspects of any relationship, the relationship fails in the end, especially when it dominates over any of the other kinds of connections crucial to the survival of a relationship.

Various stresses, fears, distractions, etc. can also interfere with establishing the connections necessary to foster intimacy. There are times when we really have to work at the process of connecting. In the end, it’s always the connections we establish and maintain that holds our relationships together and deepens the regard we have for those we love. If we want relationships that satisfy — relationships that nurture, help us grow, and ultimately bring us joy — we simply have to connect.

Different anxieties, fears, interruptions, etc. interfere in  building up the connections important to encourage relationships. There are times when we truly need to work on deeply connecting with each other. 


At the end, it’s consistently the connections that we build up and keep up that holds our relationships together and extends the respect we have for those we love.

So, If  we need relationships that fulfill — relationships that support, help us develop, strengthen us, and at last bring us joy — we basically need to connect.

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  • Hi Arpita, this was an excellent way to describe what our connections and relationships are. Today many of these are online or virtual vs. being in person. Do you think that makes a big difference?

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