What is Emotional Health?And How To Improve Your Emotional Health?

emotional health definition

Emotional Health- Definition

Emotional health is defined by our ability to understand and to be responsive to our emotional experiences. Definition of Mental and emotional health is very simple- It’s all about our feelings and thoughts. It is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and others, how we meet demands of daily life, and how we cope with problems.

Everyday life offers a nonstop series of ups and downs. Like sea waves, our days accompany highs and lows. But a person with balanced emotional health will have the option to ride the floods of sentiments without getting slowed down or creamed by a major, sincerely troublesome wave.

To be able to live a happy and emotionally rich life we need a strong healthy relationship with our emotional experiences, and to do this we will need to develop an emotional language, that helps us to have a strong healthy level of active communication with ourselves.

Why is Emotional Health Important?

Emotional health is an important part of overall health. Emotionally healthy people are those who can control their emotions and behaviour, who show resilience in troubling situations and can build strong, lasting relationships.

Emotional health is more than just optimism, rather it’s an understanding of what truly makes us calm, satisfied and happier.

Being emotionally healthy does not imply the absence of all negative emotions and faking positive emotions when they are not genuinely felt. It’s about programming your mind to be in a state of emotional and mental wellbeing in a way that you see a positive side in the worst situations.

Emotional Health Vs Mental health

People often think that emotional and mental health are the same. While it’s true that emotional health and mental health are two different things, they’re still intertwined.

Mental health influences your thoughts and actions, and it covers Psychological, social and emotional well-being. Mental health also includes appropriately exercising reason and processing any learned information. It involves cognitive thinking and harnessing one’s attention to stay focused, which includes processing information, storing it in memory, and understanding this new information.

On the other hand Emotional health is  the condition of positive mental working and includes communicating one’s feelings suitably for one’s age. It incorporates our contemplations, sentiments, and conduct inside and in outer world. It requires overseeing enthusiastic activities and measuring the proper responses to circumstances and undesirable pressure.

Characteristics of Emotionally Healthy People:

Emotionally healthy people have some common qualities that make them different from others and help them become more productive and successful. Learning and adapting to these characteristic can bring a drastic change in your life.

  • Positive Attitude: Emotionally balanced people always see opportunity in every tough situation. They believe that there is nothing called a good time or bad time. They focus on finding positive in every teachings of life.
  • High Self Esteem: When we believe in ourselves, love ourselves we are halfway to our path of happiness. It’s very important to love ourselves. High self-esteem and love for oneself uplifts ones emotional health.
  • Strong Sense Of Self: Emotionally strong people have a strong sense of self. They know what they are doing, why they are doing, what is their purpose and and what would be the outcome of their efforts.
  • Understanding Emotions: Mentally strong people have the ability to recognize and share a wide range of feelings with others in a constructive way.
  • Maintain Great Connections: Networking , creating connections and maintaining them is one of the biggest characteristic of socially healthy people.
  • Know How To Deal With Pressure: Emotional wellbeing is all about knowing how to adapt to pressure and issues. Emotionally healthy people are very good at handling situations which are not in their favour.

How To Improve Your Emotional Health?

Emotional wellness play the most important role in our life. So, we should find ways of improving our mental health. Following are some important tips that can help you boost your mental health.

Practice Mindfulness 

Most of the time, we don’t have the idea what we’re thinking or how we’re feeling. That is on the grounds that we let our psyches work on autopilot. It’s a great opportunity to assume responsibility for your brain. Know about what and how you feel for the duration of the day. The advantage to this training is that you can distinguish negative feelings directly on the beginning and rapidly change them and their related feelings. 

Anger, desire, disdain are bad for the brain, soul, or the body. Giving close consideration to the range of feelings you experience for the duration of the day, will assist you with distinguishing the negative ones and kicking them away before they are not sufficiently profound to remove your joy and emotional wellbeing.

Remain Physically Active 

As you take part in physical exercises, your mind delivers an entire pack of feel-great hormones, for example, endorphins and dopamine. These hormones are what causes the ‘thrilled’ or ‘euphoric’ feeling. Being truly dynamic, inspires your disposition and your standpoint towards life. It prepares you to take the difficulties more head-on as opposed to turning out to be overpowered by the tiniest of bother. 

You are better ready to break down predicament and take a more proactive approach as opposed to a responsive methodology. It’s no doubt physical wellbeing is in direct extent with your emotional health.

Get Sufficient Sleep 

Ever seen how you feel discouraged and grouchy, and simply out of center the day you neglect to get a decent night’s rest? Infact, you neglect to get adequate rest for a few days, you will undoubtedly feel increasingly discouraged, angry and in the long run progressively inclined to a large group of negative feelings.

Research shows that lack of sleep sends amygdala – controls our quick emotional reactions. At the point when it gets overactive, we become more responsive as opposed to dynamic. We become increasingly anxious, irate and restless. A decent night’s rest plays an important role in improving your emotional health.

Build Up A New Hobby 

Figure out how to keep yourself engaged into something creative or something you like a lot. What about work of art? Swimming is a ‘cheerful’ exercise. You get the opportunity to make new companions and remain fit. Art and craft, has very  relaxing effect on the brain and the nerves. Learning music, listening to your favourite songs, watching movies of genre you are interested in or any activity that makes you happy.

Simply the way toward making something without any preparation makes you certain and gets those inventive energies pumping. Thus, painting causes you to communicate. Every one of these elements together make a ‘glad you’. The person who likes to participate in new things as opposed to opposing change or troublesome circumstances becomes more productive.

Practice Good Eating Habits 

Have you ever known about the saying, “Your health will depend on the type of food you eat” ? At the point when you eat food wealthy in sodium, fat – you will undoubtedly feel dormant. It takes more time for the body to process such nourishments. That implies the body is compelled to deny organs of blood and use it for the absorption reason.

Result? You become sluggish, ill humored, not prepared to assume any liability which prompts feeling irritated and crabby. On the other hand, eating  vegetables, organic products, servings of mixed greens, and complex sugars keeps you active and solid. 

Snicker Your Heart Out 

Laughing is the best medication. That is the reason they have a committed ‘giggling meeting’ in yoga studios. You don’t need to mean it that way. The straightforward demonstration of spreading your cheeks and claiming to giggle imparts a sign to your body that you are glad. 

Furthermore, what happens when you are cheerful? Your mind discharges glad hormones like dopamine, serotonin and so forth. Truth be told, numerous investigations have ventured to such an extreme as to specify that chuckling alone is fit for treating a wide range of physical illnesses and emotional health issues.

Remember Your Good fortune 

We as a whole have such a great amount to be appreciative for. It could be a companion who remains by you or a cheerful family. Great wellbeing. Monetary opportunity. Make a rundown of the considerable number of things that you feel appreciative for in your life. In the event that it’s an individual, make certain to impart your emotions and offer your thanks. 

You will feel so a lot more joyful. Joy is the eating routine of a solid brain and an astute passionate reaction system. You could likewise try writing a poem or simply expressing your gratitude through the power of prayers.


There are such a significant number of approaches to turn out to be emotionally healthy and none of them requires any speculation or exceptional abilities, anybody and everybody can do it. All you need is the never ending will and strong desire .

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